The 10 Sopranos

Inspired by their male colleagues ten professional singers from across Germany prove that no music genre is safe from them. The voice of The 10 Sopranos range from classic soprano to strong-voiced pop diva through to smokey bold rock singer.

In their 90-minute concerts the ten exceptional singers touch a number of music styles. The wide repertoire comprises music from the wild sixties to a thrilling ABBA Medley, James Bond theme, to filigreed Swing rhythms, rock classics á la Joe Coker or Tina Turner through to the grandezza of the Italian opera.

Wether merged into finely co-ordinated vocal harmonies or emphasized in remarkable solo parts this unrivalled show allows both: Every artist brilliantly performing with individual intensity and as first-classic harmonic ensemble
The 10 Sopranos cause goose bumps.

Cleverly presented, spiced with femine charm, paired with an impressive light show, and embedded in expressive choreographies
The 10 Sopranos means pure entertainment base ten!

Their slogan: You may laugh, you may cry, but you must not miss it!

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